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Transmission Lines
Sub Stations
Power Plants
Industrial Electrification
Renewable Energy
Training Programmes
Sub Stations
Concept to commissioning Engineering solutions to turnkeys projects of EHV sub stations.
Complete designing and engineering of substation which includes SLD, Plan, Elevation, Earthing design, Illumination, Cabling design, Protection system, Relay Setting and Relay Co-ordination, SCADA system, Equipment sizing calculation, fault level calculation, CT sizing calculation, bus bar sizing calculation, short circuit force calculation, lightning protection design, air-conditioning system, structural & civil designs of all the structures, road & culvert design, storm water drain, gate & fence design, Water & Sewage system, Control Building and Control Room Design and drawing including trenches, placement of panels, offices ,layout of smoke detectors, fire sensors and alarms, air conditioning split/ window units, internal electrification, sanitation etc.
Special foundations for sub stations.
Construction supervision for sub stations.
Vendor development (in respect of Electrical Power).
Preparing of specification for Substation equipment & construction thereof.
Quality control inspection of construction of substation.
Third party factory inspection for New Vendors.
Assistance in testing of Electrical equipment and relays at site and in the modern laboratories.
Retrofitting of substation equipment.
Advise on Power Transformer repairs.
Advice on operation & maintenance of EHV sub stations.
Power flow and system studies and network analysis.
Addition/Alternation or R & M in EHV sub stations.
Preparation of BOQ for sub stations up to 765 kV.