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Transmission Lines
Sub Stations
Power Plants
Industrial Electrification
Renewable Energy
Training Programmes
Power Plants
Third party Factory Inspection for New Vendors.
Power flow and system studies and network analysis.
Earth resistivity measurements and Earthmat/earthing system design for sub stations, industrial plants and Hazardous liquid tank farm.
Design, Engineering & Consultancy services for Power plant, Switch yard/Pot yard (HV & EHV).
Preparation of Feasibility Project Report (FPR) for power evacuation.
Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for power evacuation.
Preparation of Technical Specifications.
Evaluation of EPC Contractors.
Consultancy Services for Greenfield Power Plant Projects.
Project monitoring of the complete project up to commissioning.
PPA facilitations.
Power Evacuation Facilitation.
Supply Chain facilitation.